Get ready to explore the history and evolution of queer culture like never before with Pride: A Seek-and-Find Celebration, a 64-page search-and-find filled with exceptionally detailed full-color illustrations.

Pride: A Seek-and-Find Celebration creates a fun and vibrant atmosphere filled with Queer history and culture, including famous icons and events. With exceptionally detailed full-color illustrations throughout, this search-and-find is the perfect way to celebrate the Queer community.
Each chapter explores a different theme in Queer history and culture from around the world, including:
World History: Queer Roman, Persian, and Chinese emperors and queens and global queer legends, including non-binary god Atum, Alexander the Great, Isis, Emperor Ai of Han, Hindu third sex Arjuna, third gender Muxe from Mexico.
Holiday Celebrations: Highlighting queer pastimes such as gay cruises, fashion weeks, opera, drag shows, queer museums, sporting events, and more.
Pride: A focus on the beginnings of Pride as a protest to its modern interpretation as a celebration.
Today and Beyond: Gay marriage in Taiwan, protections around the world, pride events, and pop-culture items like Drag Race, Brokeback Mountain, and Legally Blonde.
Keep the fun going for hours with Pride: A Search-and-Find Celebration and learn about the culture and history of the queer community.

Hardback  Paper over boards  64pp  h254mm  x  w254mm  340g  100+ color illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780760387719