Color in all kinds of cute and cool manga furries-including a leopard man, bunny girl, fashionable sloth, and elegant mermaid-in this beautiful coloring book for all ages! Manga Furries Coloring features: Quality paper, which lets you color with your choice of colored pencils, crayons, markers, and more More than 30 coloring pages, including cute and cool characters and scenes One-sided coloring for display purposes and to avoid bleed-through Patterns on the back of each page for additional visual interest and more coloring if desired Have fun coloring: Kemonomimi, which are humans who possess animal-like features Kemono, which are largely animalistic Scalies, which are furries of the reptile and amphibian variety And much more! A perfect choice for: Coloring book hobbyists Manga and anime enthusiasts Aspiring manga, chibi, and kawaii artists Manga, comic book, and graphic novel lovers With Manga Furries Coloring, furry fans can color in their favorite kind of art! Suitable for all ages, this 96-page book contains fantastic furry characters by artist Talia Horsburgh. Grab your choice of coloring tools-colored pencils, markers, etc.-and start coloring the awesome world of manga furries. You can color your way through manga, chibi, kawaii, and furry art with this series of four coloring books: Manga World Coloring, Chibi World Coloring, Kawaii World Coloring, and Manga Furries Coloring.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  96pp  h279mm  x  w216mm  454g  80+ b-w illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780760384961