30+ Creative Projects that Celebrate Diversity and Inspire Change

Harness the power of creativity to celebrate your community and change the world with Anti-Racist Art Activities for Kids. Do you think, "I'm just a kid. What can I do to make a difference?" Be an anti-racist artist! Have fun with creative projects that empower you to use your art, actions, and words to create meaningful change. Start your anti-racist art-making journey by defining ideas like race, racism, and anti-racism. Dive into six sections, beginning with self-reflection before seeking justice and taking action! Together, we will explore: Identity - Who you are and what makes you unique. Explore your identity and create a symbol that represents you. Culture - Your way of life and honoring what others value about theirs. Make a textile design inspired by your home and culture. Community - Connecting to people and places. Challenge your implicit biases and discover how to draw diverse people. Empathy - Understanding others and having compassion. Learn the meaning of equity by solving real-world math problems with art. Justice - Making a society that is fair for all. Create a miniature billboard that comments on a social issue. Activism - Creating change and transforming our communities. Mail a postcard to a politician that informs them of what you would like to see change. Activities include designing a community mural, making postcards to send to local politicians, organizing people to make a positive change, and more! As you work through the pages and explore the many parts of being an anti-racist artist, you will learn various art-making skills and engage with different materials such as paint, clay, textiles, and recycled materials. This book is just a starting point, and the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to your imagination and your impact! Contributors include: Abigail Birhanu, Khadesia Latimer, Paula Liz, Lori Santos, Tamara Slade and Anjali Wells.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  144pp  h254mm  x  w216mm  544g  200+ color photos 

ISBN13: 9780760381328