You Can Draw Cute Animals features all the techniques, ideas, inspiration, and projects needed to draw 30 adorable animals, including tigers, pandas, flamingos, deer, ducks, and so many more. Even beginners will find creating these charming creatures easy, starting with simple step-by-step instructions and then adding refinements and details. Sections on materials and techniques offer the basics for getting started, including how to work from a reference image. No special skills are required to begin working with colored pencils, watercolor, and markers to make these endearing animals come to life.
Author Yasmina Mattson of Yasmina Creates (Instagram: @yasminacreates) explores the science of cute, which is all about making eyes shine, cheeks blush, and adding a wisp of a smile. The 30 projects include creature that run, fly, swim, slither, and waddle, and some offer imaginative variations as well as ideas for creating backgrounds. With the skills learned in You Can Draw Cute Animals, artists will gain the knowledge and confidence to draw any animal and make it loveable, creating their own menagerie of cuteness.