On the night of a full moon, a small tropical dingo cub is born. And it is her destiny to travel far from home to change things for her kind.
Kimmi sleeps with her mama at her back, her aunty at her front and her three brothers squeezed in beside her. They are a family. But when the farmer who took her father returns to threaten the rest of them, Kimmi is separated from her mama.
In an incredible act of determination, Kimmi's mama runs over mountain tops and dusty red earth to spend one last day with her cub and share with her the knowledge that will one day make her a queen.
This is Kimmi's story, the story of how she became Queen of the Dingoes in a sanctuary that saves them from extinction. It is her mama's story, too. But mostly it is a story that goes back thousands of years, and follows the long line of female dingoes they belong to.
An inspiring true story of survival and courage from one of Australia's best-loved writers.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  144pp  h222mm  x  w138mm  300g 

ISBN13: 9780734422057