We are becoming more and more obsessed with being thin ... as we get fatter and fatter! The craziest part is that most weight loss 'solutions' are actually part of the problem. Diet and exercise programs fail 97% of people in the long-term, resulting in short term weight loss, medium term regain, and long-term gain approximately 10 to 15% above starting weight. Scientists have known this reality for decades - the entire diet industry is based on it - yet we keep on falling for promises of fast, easy, permanent weight loss (and other fictional tales), putting ourselves through rebranded versions of the exact same thing ... and expecting different results. Some might call this insanity - weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh calls it Thinsanity.
Glenn's book, THINSANITY, aims to transform the way we approach weight manage

ISBN: 9780733642180
Author: Mackintosh, Glenn
Publication date: 31/12/2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Dimension: 235mm X 154mm