In the long, hot summer of 1989, Ben and Fab are best mates. In a small country town, they spend their days yabbying in local dams, playing cricket, wanting a pair of Nike Air Maxes and not talking about how Fab's dad hits him, or how the sudden death of Ben's next-door neighbour unsettled him. Almost teenagers, they already know some things are better left unsaid. Then a newcomer arrived in the Wimmera. Fab reckoned he was a secret agent and he and Ben staked him out. Up close, the man's shoulders were wide and the veins in his arms stuck out, blue and green. His hands were enormous, red and knotty. He looked strong. Maybe even stronger than Fab's dad. Neither realised the shadow this man would cast over both their lives. Twenty years later, still stuck in town, Fab is going nowhere but hoping for somewhere better. Then a body is found in the river, and Fab can't ignore the past any more.

ISBN: 9780733640391
Author: Brandi, Mark
Publication date: 26/06/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Dimension: 196mm X 129mm