Advice about how to be a great parent from the co-host of Parental Guidance

What does it mean to be a good parent? Are you a good parent when your child is compliant, but a bad parent when they're not? What if they're perfect at age three and challenging at thirteen? And what if your child has additional needs?

This is a book about parenting styles and what it takes to be a great parent. We know about tiger parents, helicopter parents, free-range parents, but have you heard of Tesla parents, leaf-blower parents or iPhone 6 parents?

So many styles, but is there one that actually works?

Justin Coulson believes so. Drawing on up-to-the-minute research in parenting science as well as studies of childhood development, he shows:

  • how our children thrive when we understand and meet their basic psychological needs;
  • how our job is not to fix our kids, but to create an environment that supports their growth and development; and
  • how children flourish when we minimise control, but maximise our warmth and involvement, and establish healthy boundaries.

Not all children are the same, and Justin considers a range of circumstances that you or your child might be in - including children with non-typical development.

His revolutionary approach and practical strategies will encourage you to change the way you parent forever.