Why can we fall in love but not in hate?

What do codswallop and poppycock share? Why not one house and two hice? How come we scream blue murder, sing the blues and turn the air blue?

In Gift of the Gob ABC TVs Kate Burridge explores our everyday language and the everlasting tug-of-love that exists between proper English and its wayward relation, slang. She investigates the place where all that is wrong, bad or sloppy slips into everyday use, before becoming proper in its turn! Join Kate on a fascinating journey through English language history, as she untangles words and their meanings and unearths the centuries of spectacular changes that have transformed the very core of our language. Based on segments from ABC Radios Soundbank and ABC TVs Can We Help?, Gift of the Gob is a celebration of the resourcefulness and the creativity of language users and appropriately, all words and phrases in this book have been inspired by the linguistic shenanigans of the general public.

These mouth-filling morsels of English language history demonstrate the poetic ingenuity of everyday language, and celebrate its remarkable inventiveness.

ISBN: 9780733324048
Publication date: 01/03/2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Dimension: 210mm X 135mm