A timely re-issue of these well-loved Australian Indigenous classics. Ages 6-9

Whenever I used to see one of those old fellers going off with a spear for murrung - fish - I'd watch him. I'd run after him.

I was only a little feller but I had a sense to follow and learn how to do all those things."

Not everyone has someone to look up to and learn from in their life. But for this little boy, Uncle Abraham is that special person. this is about Minah, Uncle Abraham, shows how the passing down of knowledge can help keep memory alive.

A well-known poem by Percy Mumbulla, UNCLE ABRAHAM WHOSE BLACKFELLER'S NAME WAS MINAH is a heart-warming family story. Originally told to Roland Robinson, who was a great admirer of Percy's stories. Powerful and emotional, Bronwyn Bancroft's insight into Aboriginal family life gives the reader a fresh perspective on this well-known poem.

Ages 6-9

ISBN: 9780732295325
Author: Bancroft, Bronwyn
Publication date: 01/04/2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Dimension: 215mm X 280mm