Grab your3 magnifying glass and go on a gross-out journey through the ins and outs of anatomy with Up Close and Incredible: Human Body. In this scientific search-and-find adventure, you'll join a team of tiny scientists, nurses and doctors as they explore a diverse range of bodies inside and out, from the tips of your toes to the snot in your nose. You'll learn along the way how every part of your body does its job to keep you happy and healthy. But its not all a biology lesson: look closely through the magnifying glass, and youll find scared scientists fleeing from a tastebud-tingling chilli pepper, an ear-canal waterslide, and even a cinema inside an eyeball! Your trusty magnifying glass will reveal new gags again and again among the scrapes, mishaps and wacky experiments of the miniature scientists, where every tiny detail tells a story, and every story reveals more incredible facts about the human body. The larger-than-life scenes youll explore include the brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys and bladder, reproductive system, skeleton, nerves and muscles, as well as the sensory organs and skin. With 14 scenes and 10 things to spot on each one, plus extra detail hidden on every page, Up Close and Incredible: Human Body has literally hundreds of facts and jokes to discover. A map of the human body at the back puts everything into context, while a gallery of scientists celebrates the famous faces who discovered many of the facts in the book. This thrilling scientific journey of a book will have you gasping and laughing as you discover new shocking and hilarious facts about the body you're in. The zany drawings are packed full of comedic details to spot, keeping your read fresh each time. So, what are you waiting for? Your magnified adventure into human anatomy awaits!

Illustrated by Damien Weighill.

Novelty book  Trade binding  48pp  h310mm  x  w265mm  700g  color illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780711286504