This sweet, soft and stackable first cloth book is the perfect way to introduce babies to the wild world of dinosaurs! This beautiful dinosaur-themed cloth book features colourful, high-contrast illustrations on a coloured background, which will help babies develop their hand-eye coordination as they play with these wonderful and tactile books. Babies are born with undeveloped vision and researchers have found that they strongly prefer high-contrast images that stand out in their blurry new world. They can marvel at the brightly-coloured prehistoric creatures of all kinds on these soft cloth pages. The small and chunky cubed format makes it easy to grasp and play with. Babies can turn the cloth pages one by one, or seamlessly line up or stack the pages to create a bonus puzzle game! Little ones will be enthralled by these delightful and giftable books as they develop their vision and language skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Other titles available in this series of beautiful cloth books are Ocean, Farm and Jungle.

Size: 10ages h60mm  x  w60mm  10  Cloth Rag Book