How did ancient people make decisions? How do the people in power stay in power? Why did Karl Marx have to go without trousers? A Quick History of Politics answers these questions and more, taking a ride through time from plutocrats to people power. What do you think of when you hear 'politics'? Is it grey-haired men in suits, shouting at each other in a weird room? Well, you're partly right... but there's also a whole lot of crazy stories and weird history in the political world. A Quick History of Politics takes a look at the silly side of government, big and small, throughout the ages, and also explains the important stuff, like suffrage, elections and getting your voice heard. You will discover:

* How the earliest tribes got by without a leader.
* How the first ever kings and queens ruled their people.
* When and how democracy was invented, and what it actually means.
* Why there are so many different ways of governing people, with no one right answer.
* What 'gerrymandering' means (no, we didn't make that up).
* How empires, wars and revolutions have shaped the world we live in today.
* How elections work today.
* How countries work together (and sometimes fall out).
* How young activists can use their voice to call for change, before they're even old enough to vote!