Now included in UQP's First Nations Classics series with an introduction from Jared Thomas, Me, Antman & Fleabag is full of black humour - a warm and deliciously funny story of life on the road. Take one woman, her partner Antman and their dog Fleabag, pack up the car, turn up the country music and you've got one spirited road trip makin' room for all the good things in life, like family, laughin', travellin' and, best of all, love. Winner of the 2006 David Unaipon Award, Me, Antman & Fleabag is packed to the roof with wicked black humour, eccentric aunties, six-fingered redheads, and martyrs to the cause of sheep well-being - all carried along with a dose of Slim Dusty for good measure. Gayle Kennedy has a gift for telling tales and making them sparkle with warmth and pathos in equal measure. Me, Antman & Fleabag is a funny and incisive look at contemporary Indigenous life and the family and friends that make it up. So hold on to your boongalungs; this'll be a crackin' ride.

Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  132pp  h197mm  x  w130mm  x s11mm  125g 

ISBN13: 9780702268564