'A dynamic portrait of a true creative partnership and a vital chapter in Australian literary culture.' Caroline Baum, author of Only When Dymphna Stella Rees - named after family friends Dymphna Cusack and Stella Miles Franklin - finds bundles of love letters buried in her parents' archive, she is intrigued by the discovery. Leslie Rees and Coralie Clarke Rees were a power couple of the Australian literary scene in the mid-twentieth century. They took their shared dream of being writers from Perth to London and launched themselves in Fleet Street, interviewing some of the century's literary greats, including James Joyce, AA Milne, and George Bernard Shaw. After settling in Sydney in the 1930s, they embraced the city's vibrant arts scene and established prolific careers. Leslie became an award-winning children's book author and the ABC's national drama editor, while Coralie was one of the country's first female broadcasters. They influenced the development of an authentically Australian arts culture and included among their friends Mary Gilmore, Ruth Park, D'Arcy Niland, Mary Durack and Vance and Nettie Palmer. Their partnership and legacy are fully examined here for the first time. Drawn from personal notebooks, letters and original transcripts, A Paper Inheritance is the engrossing story of what drove this literary couple to prominence and is a celebration of their love and their passion for words.

ISBN: 9780702263200
Author: Rees, Dymphna Stella
Publication date: 01/06/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Dimension: 265mm X 154mm