What happens when the future falls as dark as your past?

When all that you have seduced and betrayed, rises up to drown you.

Pat Pinnock is about to find out.

Pinnock is a Judas Boy - a private schoolboy gone to seed. He's lost his job as a political staffer. He sleeps in the garage of his estranged wife. He has finally run out of friends and must face his accusers - both the living and the dead.

Judas Boys is the eagerly-awaited new novel from Joel Deane: a searing de profundis that reads like the secret history behind today's political headlines. Deane brings the aftermath of professional catastrophe, personal betrayal, and public disgrace to life with a poet's ear for the human voice fractured in extremis.

Paperback / softback  240pp  h210mm  x  w135mm 

ISBN13: 9780648848158