During the summer of 2011, the state of Queensland was ravaged by some of the worst flooding Australia has ever seen. Following years of crippling drought, the skies opened, releasing unprecedented amounts of water across the state for weeks on end. On January 10th, the Lockyer Valley would experience the worst of the flooding, and the small town of Grantham would become the epicentre of the disaster. With homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined, and a community grieving over lives lost, Mayor Steve Jones saw no future in rebuilding where the town once stood. He made a promise to the people of Grantham that they would move to higher ground… by Christmas, less than 12 months after the flood. To help him realise this incredible vision, he called on Jamie Simmonds to make sure it happened. Rising from the Flood: Moving the Town of Grantham tells the story of how a community relocated following one of Australia’s most terrifying natural disasters. Through survival, heroism, leadership and a love for community, people desperate for a safe future found hope in Steve’s bold vision and Jamie’s almost impossible task to deliver it as promised.