When a boy grows up and leaves home to follow his dreams, he meets a peddler of dreams the like of which he has never imagined. But these dreams come at a cost, including all the boy holds dear. Only the redeeming emotion of regret can heal him. This powerful, sparsely told fable can be read on many levels. AGES: 9 plus AUTHOR: Irena Kobald was born in Austria and has lived in several countries, including the former USSR, and she currently lives in the desert regions of Australia. Kobald's first picture-book, My Two Blankets with Freya Blackwood, won multiple awards and was translated into more than a dozen languages, including Arabic. Christopher Nielsen is an award-winning Sydney-based illustrator with a love for weathered surfaces and vintage design. He specialises in advertising, editorial, corporate, hand lettering, children's books, packaging and publishing illustration. Previous picture-books are Ponk! and Once Upon an ABC.

Illustrated by Christopher Nelson

Hardback  h244mm  x  w244mm 

ISBN13: 9780648023845