From the author:  I’ve given my hand to writing for just about as long as I’ve relished coffee, one dominating the other at various times in my life. I guess, throughout history, coffee and books have always been entwined, at least since coffee’s arrival on the scene those hundreds of years ago from the forests of Ethiopia. Many famous novels in fact have been plotted or penned in many dimly lit cafes throughout the world. Once when I was living in Edinburgh, I remember frequenting a cafe called The White Elephant and I was told JK Rowling had scribbled down some of her first Harry Potter novel there. How much was self promotion on behalf of the cafe or actual truth I don’t know, but I remember being inspired and thinking I could do the same one day (minus the single mother aspect). For the next fifteen years or so I plodded on writing somewhere in the world, whether it was in Stockbridge of Edinburgh, Krakow of Poland, in Noosa, Australia and at some point in Seville of Spain, before finding my feet once more on Australian soil. On returning I eventually found coffee again and decided to start a roastery (Fine Fellows Coffee). But during that time I persevered with writing. What prevailed in the end—besides various short stories, a couple of novellas and bits of prose and poetry,  not to mention a few aborted attempts at larger undertakings—is this novel Among the River Sallows. This is my first novel. Enjoy.

Nathan Daniel Hammerich Nielsen, July 2023.