The fastest growing demographic in Australia are retirees, with the number of people over 75 expected to double within 10 years. Retirement is often touted as a worry-free time - but it's also a time full of unique challenges.

First is the money issue - will there be enough money for a successful retirement, and what assets should you invest in. The rules regarding the age pension are continually changing - what do you need to do to maximise it. Next is superannuation, an ever-changing landscape where the performance of your fund depends on the assets you choose. A major issue is estate planning - what is the best way to handle the disposal of your assets in a tax effective way, and avoid the 17% death tax on the taxable component of your superannuation. Rising life expectancies mean the possibility of new relationships between retirement and death, but it also means one partner may suffer from dementia with all that entails. Of course, there's also the possibility of home care, and friction between siblings. Another major issue is whether you stay in the family home or downsize to another property, or even go to a retirement community.

This updated edition of Retirement Made Simple includes the major superannuation and pension changes due to take affect from July 2022; such as people up to age 75 can contribute to superannuation, people who downsize can make special downsize contributions from age 55 instead of 65, eligibility for the Commonwealth seniors health card has changed making more retirees eligible.

These are just a few of the major issues covered in Retirement Made Simple - by acclaimed financial expert Noel Whittaker, who has been writing about these issues for more than 35 years