The Kelly Gang reign was believed to have come to a bloody end following a blazing gunfight at the Glenrowan Inn Siege in June 1880. Ned Kelly survived to be hung later, and Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart - the one who often dressed as a woman - were believed to have perished in the fire. Rumours erupted that Dan and Steve had survived. Sightings and reports of their adventures grew into legend. This is a fictional account of that legend. Follow Steve as he lives-on in an adventure across two continents and participates in epic events that impacted Australia's development. Hunted... What could the future hold for a man who faces such danger and privations? Hero... Is there any greater love than to be willing to lay down your life for your friend?

Review: "Exciting and beautifully written... adding well-researched and valuable information about Ned Kelly and the gang. Breathtaking in its scope and strong on interesting characters, this book is a real page-turner." Maria Simms, Author.