Handley's Great Barrier Reef Alphabet Book is dedicated to elevating children's early literacy. The colourful, engaging pictures align with letters and their sounds, including those with both hard and soft sounds. The featured letter on each page is highlighted within the text associated with the pictures, to develop children's recognition of the letter and its sounds. Created to be a favourite amongst children as they delight in learning their alphabet and to read, children can return to the beautiful pages for many years. Extension words are deliberately included to encourage children to ask the meaning of words as the book is read to them by parents, teachers, friends and older siblings. Gentle environmental messaging develops children's appreciation of the importance of environmental sustainability, particularly in the context of the magnificent, biodiverse ecosystems of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Handley's Great Barrier Reef Alphabet Book is written for today's children and for future generations!

Profits from the sale of Handley's Great Barrier Reef Alphabet Book will support the environmental work of Nativah Rainforest Ltd, a Registered Environmental Organisation, with DGR status.

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Nativah Publications Pty Limited, 2021 

Length: 56 pages