Drawing from the iconic Stoic text Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Journal invites the millions of readers who have learned from him to deepen their understanding of his philosophy and reflect on how to better their lives. "It's silly to try to escape other people's faults. They are inescapable. Just try to escape your own."-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Marcus Aurelius wrote this in his journal almost 2000 years ago-and he might have written it this morning. He was Emperor of Rome in A.D. 161, a statesman, a philosopher, and a constant, thoughtful journaler. He was also one of the first Stoics. Stoicism is the original self-help philosophy, one that has stayed relevant for 2000 years. Whether or not you've read Meditations, Meditations Journal offers pithy, inspiring comments drawn from the core text that give readers simple but profound ways to take control of their lives, identify obstructions, and above all, live a good life.