Strengthen your watercolor skills with this inspirational sketchbook featuring premium-quality paper, QR codes linked to video tutorials, and prompts to elevate your art, from the author of Everyday Watercolor. Part of the joy of painting with watercolor is that the medium necessitates play. Experimentation and practice lead to discovery and mastery. This sketchbook from bestselling author Jenna Rainey is your portable playground-whatever your experience level. A letter of encouragement from Jenna, tips on choosing pigments and brushes, and a list of prompts for sketching and painting will help get the creative juices flowing. Also included are ten QR codes linked to Jenna's most popular YouTube tutorials for painting flowers, trees, leaves, cats, and creating unique patterns and color palettes. Forty sheets of premium Italian watercolor paper are mostly blank, with a few pieces of Jenna's art sprinkled throughout to inspire you. Artists are encouraged to explore their style, play with color, practice brush techniques, and paint everyday objects throughout the pages of this delightful sketchbook.