A wake-up call to Australia and its climate credentials in our region Australia's ambitions for global climate policy leadership have been seriously undermined in recent years, its reputation reduced by political inertia, policy blind spots and diplomatic isolation. At the same time, Pacific Island nations have gained global traction, their leaders recognising the influence of their regional voice and collective action in the drive to shape international law. These nations have called out Australia's poor performance and questioned its credibility within the Pacific family. The climate crisis now demands a new approach to regional cooperation in Oceania, and a fundamental re-ordering of strategic priorities. It may also require a new set of diplomatic skills and tradecraft. Until Australia demonstrates that it is serious about tackling the climate crisis, it will struggle to pursue strategic interests in the Pacific. Bringing together diverse Australian and Pacific Island voices and perspectives, Climate Politics in Oceania reflects on the shifting debates, and highlights the potential for Australia to engage constructively with regional partners to secure Oceania's interests now and in the future. Canberra must embrace the opportunity while it still can.

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