Meanjin is Australia's leading journal of literature and ideas, now in its 81st year. In the September edition of Meanjin . . . The lead essay is a compelling piece from Kate Holden, looking at the great paradox of modern life- the many commonalities of human experience and our increasing isolation as atomised individuals . . . and this at a time when the most pressing, even existential, issues of the moment demand a collective response. Other essays include- Jennifer Mills on the sliding scale of literary dystopia...what's a writer of speculative fiction to do when the real world so quickly outpaces the world of dystopian imaginings? Bruce Pascoe on the lost white orchids of Melbourne. Lauren Rosewarne on the sexualisation of powerful men. Chelsea Watego on the subtext of rascism behind poor, and sometimes fatal, outcomes for Indigenous Australians in the health system. Jane Gilmore on why we talk about sexual assault when we mean rape. Plus- Jim Davidson, Osman Faruqi, Ouyang Yu, James Valentine, Mohammed Massoud Morsi and more. New fiction from- Jordan Prosser, Alex Sawyer, John Kinsella and Pip Smith. Plus reviews and poetry.