A History of Queensland is the first single volume analysis of Queensland’s past, stretching from the time of earliest human habitation up to the present. It encompasses pre-contact Aboriginal history, the years of convictism, free settlement and subsequent urban and rural growth. It takes the reader through the tumultuous frontier and Federation years, the World Wars, the Cold War, the controversial Bjelke-Petersen era and on, beyond the beginning of the new millennium. It reveals Queensland as a sprawling, harsh, diverse and conflictual place, where the struggles of race, ethnicity, class, generation and gender have been particularly pronounced, and political and environmental encounters have remained intense. It is a colourful, surprising and at times disturbing saga, a perplexing and diverting mixture of ferocity, endurance and optimism. Contents:

Acknowledgments; 1. Millennia; 2. Confinement, 1820–1840; 3. Blueprint, 1841–1859; 4. Consolidation, 1860–1879; 5. Statehood, 1880–1905; 6. Battle, 1906–1939; 7. Crucible, 1940–1967; 8. Hubris, 1968–1989; 9. Aftermath, 1990–2005.

ISBN: 9780521876926
Format: Hardback
Pages: 354
Dimension: 216mm X 138mm