The legendary six-time CrossFit Games champion and Olympic athlete shares lessons from her inspiring story of leveling up her performance, embracing failure, and fiercely taking on impossible goals.



Tia Toomey, the world's fittest woman, has won the CrossFit Games an incredible six years in a row and is undeniably a true warrior. She has also trained for the Winter Olympics in bobsledding, competed in the Summer Olympics in weightlifting and was a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. She is, in short, one of the most accomplished and dominant athletes in human history. But for Tia physical fitness is only a small part of overall strength. More important is building mental toughness.



In THE HEART IS THE STRONGEST MUSCLE, Tia shows how she reached elite levels by focusing on her "why." By always having a clear picture of her purpose - what drives her heart - she can push through the toughest challenges. From the early days of her fitness journey to the peak performance that has put her atop the podium in the CrossFit Games, Tia reveals the secrets, struggles, and successes that have made her a killer competitor.



Nothing comes easy, but in THE HEART IS THE STRONGEST MUSCLE, Tia will show you how to build your own unstoppable mindset. Whether you are already a serious athlete or someone looking to conquer a new challenge, you'll be able to use her methods to keep winning.

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ISBN13: 9780349439884