Seven dazzling Pearlie stories in one sparkling book! Twirly-whirly! Queen Emerald has invited Pearlie to visit all the Park Fairies of the world. From ice-skating in New York to a fashion show in Paris and a glittering New Year party in Beijing, there is so much for Pearlie to see and so many new friends to meet. Includes- Pearlie in Central Park; Pearlie and the Cherry Blossom Fairy; Pearlie and the Silver Fern Fairy; Pearlie in Paris; Pearlie and the Flamenco Fairy; Pearlie Goes to Rio; and Pearlie and the Imperial Princess.

ISBN: 9780143786764
Author: Harmer, Wendy
Publication date: 28/05/2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Dimension: 213mm X 147mm