Two people. How many lies? A woman and a man drive at dusk to a rural mansion for a final weekend together. It's all been a game. Both players understood the rules. Or so the woman thinks. At the house, a new game begins. A trap has been set. But how and why? And for whom? This gripping, provocative new novel by one of Australia's finest writers is a psychological thriller for the modern age. 'A tasty gothic tale, with echoes of Bluebeard and Psycho, about wealth, power and erotic fantasy.' The Sunday Times (UK) 'A gripping read. This haunting story provokes questions long after the final page.' Big Issue 'A high-octane tale of coercion, fantasy and feminism.' The Guardian 'A deftly written, tonally smooth, technically adroit and penetrating study of psychological extremity . . . Hooper shrouds the narrative in an uneasiness whose source is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.' The Australian

ISBN: 9780143569220
Author: Hooper, Chloe
Format: Paperback