The Art of Longevity is a simple wake-up call, filled with practical, easy-to-understand principles to apply across your life - in your habits, exercise goals, nutrition, meditation and breathing practices, lifestyle choices and much, much more. There is often a disconnect between the raw spirit of our younger selves - when energy and enthusiasm were inexhaustible and our bodies rarely let us down - and the limitations and demands we increasingly face over time. Our vitality can fade as we stress over career, family, financial security and just staying mentally afloat. We allow poor nutrition and bad habits to take root, while our frantic mind takes the wheel. Worst of all, we neglect our 'fire' - the things that we love and give our lives meaning. Do we wave the white flag? Or do we bring oxygen back to that flame? If we've managed to keep the fire flickering, how do we stoke it into an inferno? This book will provide you with all the tools to bring you back into equilibrium with your whole self and return you to your passions - fit and focussed, living with joy and purpose, through every season of life. You'll discover the life-changing benefits of- * Routine, discipline, mindset & motivation. * Mobility, flexibility & core strength (including a photographic, step-by-step guide through a variety of essential movements, and a 12-week exercise program to kickstart your longevity journey). * Nutrition, hydration & sleep. * Breathwork & meditation. Rodrigo Perez is a professional coach and founder of Holistic Pro Health Performance, who has worked with some of the world's most successful athletes. The Art of Longevity draws on everything he's learned along his own journey, for one aim- keeping people in the water, on the trail, in the mountains - wherever their inspiration lives.

Paperback / softback  320pp  h234mm  x  w153mm 

ISBN13: 9781761049927