Kerb 25: Contested Landscapes + Disruptive Practices is an exploration of the value systems at work in landscapes and the conditions that both arise from, and contribute to them. It is also an examination of the acts of boundary making and resistance that shape our world. With contributions from Kees Lokman, Ernesto Oroza, Alexandra Mei, Suvendrini Perera, Hotham Street Ladies and many others, Kerb 25 examines whether the competing social, political and economical demands of the twenty-first century are compatible with, or antithetical to, the fostering of holistic landscapes. About Kerb: Kerb is an annual cross-disciplinary design journal produced through the department of landscape architecture at RMIT University School of Architecture and Urban Design. The journal aims to draw its themes from issues pertinent to contemporary landscape architectural discourse, however it enthusiastically supports many contributions from outside the discipline.

ISBN:   9780648435556
Author:   Kullmann, K, Mendel, E, Lokman, K, Yarina, L & Mei, A
Publication date:  01/11/2019
Format:  Paperback
Dimension:   297mm x 210mm