Cracker bang!
Stars above.
Christmas wonder.
Peace and love.
The unique magic of an Australian Christmas is perfectly captured in this joyful celebration of love, pavlova and precious family moments.
Author Biography: Vikki has worked as a professional writer with diverse communities in Africa, Asia and Australia for over 20 years. Vikki writes and shares stories that celebrate the spirit of wonder, freedom and adventure that she wishes every child could enjoy.

Cheryl Orsini taught herself to draw as a little girl. She grew a little taller, studied Visual Communications at UTS and finally, when she could grow no more, she started illustrating children's books, magazines and decorating a great many peg dolls! She has illustrated more than thirty children's books, and her work regularly appears in magazines and exhibitions.

Board book  12pp  h200mm  x  w176mm  340g  Kids - Board book 

ISBN13: 9781922863669     ISBN13: 978-1-922863-66-9     ISBN10: 1922863661     EAN: 9781922863669