This is a one of kind, very special VEGAN White chocolate with Desert Lime and edible flowers. Yum!

Ingredients:  Cacao butter (34%), raw cane sugar, coconut milk powder, desert lime, edible flowers

This artwork is In collaboration with Indigenous artist and proud Wiradjuri woman, Janelle McQueen.  Each artwork is a special piece of art that symbolises Janelle’s connection to land and country. 

"These are coastal fruits including ribbery. They are quite tart but are a very nice fruit but not a modern sweet fruit and make lovely jams. This is lemon myrtle and it is mostly the leaves you want to use in the lemon myrtle. Down the bottom in bunya nuts which are very popular and a big festival on the Gold Coast and coastal areas. There is bush lime and the fruit is celebrated here. The blue fruits are Davidson plum which is a lovely pink fruit for such a dark colour. Then there is finger limes which is called the caviar of the fruit world. The red are lilly pilly’s. This painting is bush tucker and it celebrates the different types of fruits and berries that are still grown today."