A symbol of power, a promise of marriage and a girl's best friend, the diamond is unmatched by any other gemstone in the world. From ancient civilizations and the royal courts of Europe to modern culture, film and fashion, the mystique and glamour of the world's most brilliant natural treasure is told in a story that merges history with gemology, collecting with couture. Celebrating our everlasting fascination with this prized jewel, The Story of the Diamond gives background on merchants, traders and jewellers, from Cartier to Harry Winston, as well as legendary and rare stones, such as the cursed Hope, the stolen Koh-i-Noor and the ransomed Idol's Eye.

With indepth information on styles, cuts, colours and carats, and both natural and lab-grown stones, as well as a chapter devoted to engagement rings, there is advice on selecting and buying sustainably sourced diamonds.

Hardback  160pp  h180mm  x  w125mm  illustrated 

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